Walther PPK

used by

the East German Staatssicherheit (Stasi)

Walther PPk East German Stasi silencer

This Walther PPK has an interesting history. It is a standard commercial pre-war Walther PPK that continued his carrier after the war in service of the East German Staatssicherheit (Stasi). The Stasi did not use the pistol in its original form. The pistol was modified to accept a suppressor. This modification comprised the replacement of the original barrel with a longer Walther PP barrel which was threaded to accept Scorpion (VZ61) suppressors. These suppressors were clamped on the barrel of the Scorpion. The scorpion suppressors were mounted to the PPK by using an adapter made of the end of a scorpion barrel (one part of the barrel was used to clamp the suppressor, and the other end was threaded internally so that they could be screwed onto the PPk).

The wartime serial number has been added in East-German style to the right side of the slide. The screw of the grip is gone and the grips are glued to the frame. The magazine is a postwar Walther magazine. This is how the pistol was found in the East German Stasi arsenal.

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