Postwar Walther P.38 magazine:

5th variation 

Postwar Walther P.38 Magazine 5th Variation

The Walther magazines produced after the war have seven uniform circular welding spots. The floorplates have a rectangular notch, comparable to the wartime produced magazines. All of the magazines have ribbed followers that are an unfinished metal color.

The Bundeswehr (german postwar army) magazines of the 5th type were stamped on the left side of the housing with the Walther banner, the pistol designation P1 and the caliber. This type does not have a military acceptance stamp on the spine. The Bundeswehr was part of the NATO organization and therefore was required to stamp all military equipment with a so-called NATO stock number (NSN). The NSN for a P.38 magazine was 1005-12-120-0892. Most military P1 magazines have the NSN and production date (month/year) stamped on the spine. However, this magazine has an unmarked spine and is believed to be late production (after 1976). This magazine can still be assigned as military production because the model designation P1 is only used by the German military.