P38 magazine: Walther P.38 0-series sn: 010253+ (3rd variation)

All magazines provided with the 0-series P38 pistols were stamped with the respective serial numbers of the pistol on the left side of the magazine housing. The P.38 marking found on most of the Walther magazines was not applied on these early 0-series magazines. Every pistol was delivered with one spare magazine. These spare magazines were stamped with a suffix + after the serial number. All smaller magazine parts (floorplate, floorplate retainer, and follower) for the 0-series were individually marked with the German acceptance stamp E/359. Nonetheless, three different magazine variations for the 0-series pistols exist.

The 3rd magazine variation for the 0-series was provided with the largest batch of 0-series pistols and starts from serial number 02428. These magazines were marked with two E/359 acceptance stamps on the bottom of the spine, but the stamps were applied next to each other instead of in a stacked position. After serial number 03447, only floorplates with a rectangular notch were produced.

P38 0-series magazine 3rd variation leftP38 0-series magazine 3rd variation rightP38 0-series magazine 3rd variation spline

P38 0-series magazine 3rd variation double WaA

P38 0-series magazine 3rd variation internals