For sale / trade section

I acquired many items in the past few years that I have either double in my collection or which fall outside my area of interest. I started a bit of a clean-up of my collection to make room for new items. Therefore, I would like to offer the following items for sale or trade. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you see something that is of interest to you. I am pretty sure that we can strike a deal! More pictures can be provided upon request.  

Manual Wirkungsweise der 3.7cm Flak36

A rare original manual for the Flak36 with the title "Wirkungsweise der 3.7cm Flak 36". Price: $100 shipped

Ultra rare Israeli weapons instruction manual from 1940s

Ultra rare Israeli weapons instruction manual from 1940s. Different weapons are discussed in this manual, incl. the P08. The book was published in the mid 1940's during the British Mandate regime in Israel. This manual was published to be actually used by the Jewish population and thus strongly reflects the dangerous period in the annals of the Jewish people. The manual is richly illustrated and is a practical instructions-guide book which depicts with explanatory text and numerous illustrations a variety of weapons: The Webley revolver, The Colt 45 revolver, Luger, The Mauser C96 , Sten , Thompson , The Bren gun, The Mills 36 and British 69 Hand grenades, The 2 Inch Mortar, and the VZ.24 Czech rifle. Price: $175 shipped.

Rare Portuguese P38 Holster with double magazine pouch

Holster for the Portuguese contract P38. These holsters are very similar to the postwar German P38 holsters, except for that the Portuguese version has a double magazine pouch. These holsters were used by the Portuguese army and police, and are considered very rare. Price: $150 shipped

Soviet manual 1942 for captured German weapons

Ultra rare Soviet manual from 1942 about German captured weapons. Different types of weapons (incl. P08 , MP38 , MP40) are discussed. The cover of the manual came loose. Price: $200 shipped

East German manual from 1985 for the M74.

East German manual from 1985 for the M74 (Dienstvorschrift Nr. 51/85).

Dutch Police manual from 1949 for the MG34

Dutch police manual from 1949 for the MG34