P38 magazine:

Replacement - 4th Variation

Walther P38 replacement magazine - 4th variation

Walther provided the P.38 pistol to the German Army with two magazines. It was not uncommon that issued P.38 magazines had to be replaced because of either failure or loss. These replacement magazines can be recognized rather easily because they are marked with Walther’s ac code on the left side of the magazine housing. Five variations of these replacement magazines are known, and all are marked with ac. The same development changes found for the standard Walther magazines can be observed for the replacement magazines.

4th variation; After 1943, Walther made a small change in the design of the magazines which was indicated by v next to the P.38 marking on the left-hand side of the housing. These magazines were marked with one German acceptance stamp (E/359) on the spine. Replacement magazines produced in this period were exactly the same as the other magazines, but these were stamped with an ac under the P.38 marking.