P.38 magazine:

aC-41 2nd variation

P38 Walther magazine AC41 2nd variation

Magazine markings remained the same from about “ac40 standard” serial number 7300a to the ac41 b-suffix serial number block.  At some point in the ac41 b-suffix serial number block , the E/359 acceptance stamp at the bottom of the spine moved toward the center line and a little higher up on the spine. This magazine variation is called the ac41 2nd variation.

The marking P.38 is stamped on the left side of the housing and two German E/359 acceptance stamps can be found on the spine. The bottom stamp is located on the center line.

No other magazine marking changes were made until the start of 1942.

P38 Walther magazine AC41 2nd variation

The mag belongs to an ac-41 with serial number 1502h. All ac41 magazines are stamped with serial numbers of the pistol on the toe of the floorplate. The serial number indicates that this magazine was produced in October 1941. Unfortunately this pistol is not reported yet.

P38 Walther magazine AC41 2nd variation

Till the beginning of 1942 Walther stamped all the magazine parts (except for the spring) with the E/359 inspection stamp.