P38 magazine:

Spreewerk WaA88 

Spreewerk E/88 P38 magazine
Spreewerk E/88 P38 magazine

These magazines have seven tiny and almost perfectly round welding spots. The exact manufacturer of these magazines remains unknown to this day, although some researchers believe that they were produced at the Spreewerk factory in Kratzau, hense the name “Spreewerk” magazines.

These magazines were produced without any markings on the side of the magazine housing. No P.38 designation or a manufacturer’s code is stamped on these magazines. Usually the Spreewerk E/88 acceptance stamp is found on the spine, like in the example below. These markings are small and sometimes stamped hard to spot. They are hand-stamped and oftentimes are partial images that were stamped at an angle and are difficult to read.

A few early “Spreewerk” magazines are observed with the E/88 stamped on the smaller magazine parts, but these magazines are considered extremely rare. “Spreewerk” magazines were mainly issued with the early Spreewerk pistols. The exact production period is unfortunately unknown.