P38 magazine:

ENM 20th variation 

ENM 20th variation P38 magazine

The rectangular welding spots indicate immediately that this magazine was produced by ENM (Erste Nordbohmische Metallfabrik). Magazines of the 20th variation are marked on the left side with the ENM code jvd. The right side is stamped with the model designation P.38 above a large U. The U is a German abbreviation for ungehärtet and translates to unhardened and indicates that the magazine lips did not underwent a hardening process.

The spine is stamped with the Walther inspection code E/359, which indicates that the magazines were issued with Walther pistols. The entire magazine has a green/grey phosphate finish, which was introduced at the end of the war. These magazines were issued with late-war Walther pistols (ac45). They are considered rare among P.38 collectors.